Hebrew Text

Isaiah 7:14
The Crux Interpretum

Kenneth J. Morgan

Therefore Adonai himself will give to you a sign:

Behold a maiden is pregnant and she will bear a son,

And she will call his name Immanuel.

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This Web site presents my book:

Isaiah 7:14
The Crux Interpretum

The book is a detailed, technical, exegetical study of every aspect of the interpretation of Isaiah 7:14, considered by many one of the most difficult passages in the Navi'im, the Prophets. This is my opening sentence in chapter 1:

"The only aspect of Isaiah 7:14 not debated is its difficulty."

Yes, I always enjoy a bit of humor, and I thought this opening sentence might pique the interest of readers. But it is, of course, quite true. Even Rashi and Radak disagreed as to who the child was!

The chapter titles are as follows:

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Christian Hermeneutics
Chapter 3: Jewish Hermeneutics
Chapter 4: Chronology of Ahaz and Hezekiah
Chapter 5: The Syro-Ephraimite War
Chapter 6: The Broader Context of Isaiah 7:14
Chapter 7: Isaiah 9:5-6

Chapter 8: The Immediate Context of Isaiah 7:14
Chapter 9: Summary of Interpretations of Isaiah 7:14
Chapter 10: 'almah
Chapter 11: The Verbs in Isaiah 7:14
Chapter 12: Key Words in Isaiah 7:14
Chapter 13: The Interpretation of the Immanuel Prophecy
Chapter 14: The New Testament Citation of Isaiah 7:14

The book was written on an academic level and my target audience is Jewish and Christian scholars. Thus for those readers with no knowledge of the biblical languages, it may not be possible to follow some of the details of these analyses. However, the conclusions are easily accessible to anyone. For those with only a little knowledge of these languages, I frquently provide additional grammatical explanations that would ordinarily not be included in a work at this level. In short, the material in this book should be understandable to any careful reader and serious student of the Bible.

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